Splendorful Path Workshops and Coaching

The path of human flourishing, the Splendorful Path, is not easy. If it were, we’d live in Eden. We don’t.

Yet the more you walk this path, the more baggage you drop. The more you begin to radiate durable beauty. You see more life around you, and you are better able to create space where there had been no space for curiosity, learning, healing, and even laughter to enter. In short, you get life and a thriving community.

Splendorful Path coaches are not easy to find.

There are few opportunities for mentorship (developing skills, habits, capacities) in this space outside of some very, very hard knocks.

Practitioners are busy, and often only have one part of the solution: the business skills OR the activist skills OR the people skills. (They also tend to be chippy fighters!) Scholars, priests, coaches, and consultants often have a shallow view of what it takes to move a community towards the thriving community. They can only work with you for a short period of time and usually offer only one or two skills or master plans. Skills are not enough. You need the capacity to alchemize a group of angry people into a thriving community.

Teaching, Mentoring, Coaching, Workshops, Consulting, Garden

Workshops: Brown bags, 90-minute overviews, and half-day or full-day sessions

Current classes and topics:

  • Teaching engineers to transition from individual contributor to manager/leader
  • Helping You, Helping Me, Helping We: High-Performance Teams in Times of Extreme Stress
  • The Power of How: Closing the Experience Gap when Making Major Life Choices
  • Innovation along the Splendorful Path: A Holistic Approach to Inventing the Future
  • Twenty-Six Letters and the Art of Inspired Writing 
  • The Power of Play for Families, Teams and Communities

Mentoring: This is a combination of teaching, coaching and networking in groups or individually

Coaching: I am a certified coach (PCC, ICF) who works with clients to build their capacity to meet their goals.

Consulting: I specialize in organizational assessment, innovation and marketing.

Play & Reintegration Gardens: I foster, build and support impactful civic gardens and parks to support family and community reconciliation and reintegration. One of my highest honors was to be called the “Mr. Rogers of Rick’s Place,” a park for US service members returning from down range.

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