Leading Gently in a Violent World

I guide people gently, and sometimes not so gently, to become their best selves.  Our world needs  you to succeed so our children, grandchildren and our communities will succeed. This is no time to major in the minors! 

I coach, teach and consult. To reach me, please use the form below.

Sometimes we are too loyal to our suffering. Here are some time-tested ways to shift into flourishing.

About Allegra Jordan

Allegra Jordan. 2021.

Allegra Jordan guides people gently (and sometimes not so gently) to becoming their best, most courageous selves.

She was named an “architect of change” by Maria Shriver. She’s coached executives in 17 countries to perform their best when lives, communities and industries depended on the results.  She helped build the Rick Herrema Foundation which provides a respite park for people facing war stress near Ft. Bragg, NC. She has worked in the love and reconciliation movement since 2008. She is a best-selling historical novelist. She has published numerous articlespoems and nearly a dozen cases taught at Harvard Business School.  

Born during the Vietnam conflict to military family, she grew up in the post-Civil Rights era of Selma, AL and became a champion debater. In a tragic turn of events, her debate partner was murdered by her debate coach in what was then called Alabama’s crime of the decade. The resulting confusion and grief led her to a decades-long journey around the globe to reconcile, first with herself and then with her beloved first community.  

She knows we can flourish even amidst a disappointing and violent world because she’s seen it and writes to share this good news. 

Allegra graduated from Samford University, Harvard Business School and Georgetown University’s executive leadership coaching program. She has also worked at the University of Texas at Austin and at Duke where she launched the first Duke University Center for Reconciliation’s Summer Institute. She was named a top 40 under 40 executive in both Austin, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama. She was named one of the top 20 college students in America both by Time Magazine and by USA TODAY.

But what matters in this moment? You. What life adventure waits for you to rise up and embrace it?