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“Where shall I begin and where shall I end? For in-between the gods have tested me a thousand times.” -Odysseus, Book Nine The Odyssey

My work focuses on the flourishing life. This site invites you to see human flourishing through several different lenses – coaching/consulting, poetry, fiction, music, and gardening.

I was a star debater who ended up as a witness for the prosecution at 21. I fought good fights in Selma, Alabama and I lost money building a Bishops Garden in Africa only to learn the real garden was the interiority of the people who became more fully themselves and then built churches for 25,000 people.

My world is one where the 1914 road to Ypres is still muddy and freezing (The End of Innocence, 2014); where everyone – even a cancer-ridden basset hound – can be a manipulator (my comedy about food, football and faith in 1979 Alabama). I write and curate a site about reconciliation poetry to help unblock the a tidal wave of energy pent up at the heart’s vast intersection of lament and hope  I also write sonnets about work.

I also am committed to the practical, professional work of high-level leadership coaching , teaching and consulting. I’ve worked for two decades on the front lines of organizations in 17 countries and on five continents to help people discover their best, true selves and then, to make their communities better.

I’m the Rick Herrema Foundation Executive Director. I work with a team to establish a national park system for military families and their children to have fun, quality activities. Most military children today have never known a peacetime military. I was a military child during Vietnam and I experienced wartime stress and, in the midst of war, flourishing. That’s why I serve in in a civilian capacity.

This site invites you into a flourishing world as seen through several different lenses.

Above, petunias from my garden.