I teach the path of human flourishing and good governance.

Allegra Jordan develops strong leaders through her coaching, teaching, consulting, and writing.

Designated an “Architect of Change,” by Maria Shriver, Ms. Jordan has worked in 17 countries and on five continents creating hundreds of millions of dollars of value and flourishing, healthier communities. She is the author of five books, three of which were #1 in their categories. 

Her work explores: 

  • How to think about life’s interruptions
  • How to concretely think about the ultimate goal for your team’s actions
  • How to “see with eyes that have cried”
  • What hope looks like and how to spot fake hope
  • What you can measure, what you can’t measure
  • Why you must step up with bold, clear, human language, and
  • Who you might want to work with to meet humanity’s deepest needs. It will be different for every team.

Currently she teaches leadership and management full-time at Duke University’s engineering school’s Master of Engineering Management program as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

She has guest lectured at Harvard and the University of Texas at Austin.

Select clients & testimonials

Allegra Jordan offers a path to help anyone live life, find joy, and remain in peace even in the midst of suffering and sadness. Her brilliant storytelling, personal stories, and thought provoking poetry culminate in an understandable and attainable Splendorful Path!

Chief Operating Officer, The Choose Love Movement, 2021

A Splendorful Path is a…beacon of hope and guide to wrestling with the human condition…it uplifts as well as provides thoughtful instruction. 

Author, poet and judge, 2021

I am unconventional: a preacher, healer, dancer, counselor who has worked at the global leadership level. I wanted to get back to my first love: people, not administration. I engaged with Allegra in 2021 to start my dream project: the Worth Being Institute in Puerto Rico. I love her coaching, insight, and support! It’s vital for my pivot. 

World Council of Churches Executive and Central Committee member, 2021

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