Poetry and Prose

Published works, available at Amazon.

  • We Interrupt These Wars (Gold Gable Press, 2019) poetry collection. Paperback and Kindle.
  • The End of Innocence (Sourcebooks, 2014), World War I novel set at Harvard. Available in multiple formats, including Audible.
  • Harvard 1914 (Gold Gable Press, 2012) was purchased by Sourcebooks and became The End of Innocence.
  • La fine dell’Innocenza (Leone Editore, 2017) Italian edition of The End of Innocence.

Online collections:

  • Reconciliation poetry, www.reconciliationpoetry.com, a top-five Google site for poems and essays about reconciliation.
  • Work Poems, www.workpoems.com, a site of (mainly) Shakespearean sonnets about how to work more effectively in teams or as a community.

Allegra Jordan has published numerous articles in diverse publications for both mainstream and academic presses, including USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Harvard Business School Publishing, Duke University’s FaithandLeadership.com, MariaShriver.com, the University of Texas-Austin, etc.