A mysterious Latin memorial at Harvard surprised me. It honored German students who fought for the Kaiser during World War I. In this manner, bitter enemies were reconciled.

The plaque showed me a new moral imagination. “The way things are” is not the way things have to be. I learned, and have dedicated my life to the idea that we are ultimately here to flourish.

Specific details of my professional work may be found on my Linkedin Profile.

I am a leadership coach and business consultant at Gold Gable Advisors.

I am a professional writer. My articles, cases, and book reviews have appeared in places such as USA Today, TEDx, Huffington Post, and in publications by Duke, Harvard, and UT-Austin. I curate a top-ranked reconciliation poetry website  and I recently launched Work Poems, a site of  sonnets about work. The End of Innocence (formerly Harvard 1914) is my first novel and became an Amazon best-seller (#1 Military Fiction). I wrote it to  entertain people who love elegant culture; to encourage those who have had deep grief; and for communities who have felt life’s claws.

I am also the mother of two sons, both at Rice University, and my second husband is the best and most fun person I’ve ever met.

I have faced some of the unbearable grief of the American story firsthand. The search for a new way to be led me to travel the world to learn what it means to flourish in the face of unbearable realities and irreversible conditions. In these journeys and projects I’ve been touched the bright light of the human spirit. I wish to share it.

-Allegra Jordan